Powered riser chairs with part of chair rising

Powered riser chairs with part of chair rising

These chairs have a powered seat lift only, rather than the whole chair rising. As the seat rises it moves away from the backrest and armrests, which many people need for support during the standing process. These chairs are usually wooden-framed and much more compact than other riser or riser-recliner chairs.

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Powered Lift Chair

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The powered lifting action should be controlled at a low speed but you need to be shown how to move forward on the seat to put your feet on the floor. You need to have good sitting balance as once the cushion is rising their is no side support from the armrests to assist you. If you retain the riser cushion at the height once you stand up from the chair, this will be helpful for assisting you as you lower yourself back down into the chair when you sit down.

A powered riser seat tends to provide more variations in the seat rake and is usually operated by a handset.

These chairs are unsuitable for people with poor trunk control or balance. People with deteriorating conditions may choose to get a riser recliner if they are likely to need additional features in the future.

There are some riser cushions that can be an alternative to these type of chairs. These can be useful for transporting, although some of these will have an upper weight capacity around 136kg (21 1/2 stones) and are further limited by seat width and depth. It is important to consider these issues prior to the purchase of any product.

It is very important to try this type of chair before purchase. Equipment Demonstration Centres like the Disabled Living Foundation or any other Equipment Demonstration Centre in the UK may have a range of riser chairs available to try.

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