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Fitform Vario Chair

Manufactured by The Kirton Healthcare Group Ltd

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Priced from £2,699  (Exc. VAT)

DLF's summary

Riser recliner chair with tilt-in-space facility.

Product models

There are 3 models of this product available. Suppliers may not supply them all:

  • Vario 570
  • Vario Hermes 570
  • Modern 550


  • triple motor
  • independent leg raise and back recline
  • handheld push-button control
  • multi-positional inflatable lumbar support
  • multi-adjustable headrest
  • side pocket


  • castors
  • extended leg support
  • pressure relief seating
  • swivel armrest
  • bucket style backrest
  • adjustable kyphosis backrest
  • head cushion
  • range of upholstery
  • model for bariatric use
  • custom sizes

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Product dimensions

Seat depth 44; 47; 50; 53 cm
Seat height 40-60 cm
Seat width Vario 570: 45cm
Vario Hermes 570: 51cm
Modern 550: 57cm
Back height 84 cm
Capacity 150 kg

Manufacturer's contact details

The Kirton Healthcare Group Ltd
(01440) 705352

Manufacturer's description

As individual as you are, the Fitform 570 Vario is the perfectly tailored chair for you!
Stylish and contemporary in design, the Fitform 570 Vario is ideal for people who - either for medical or other reasons - want the most comfortable and supportive chair around.
Quality, contemporary styling and a comprehensive range of adjustments ensures the Fitform 570 Vario integrates easily into any environment while the triple motor action allows the tilt-in-space, back angle recline and elevating legrest to be adjusted independently in order to achieve a superbly relaxed, comfortable position.
The power lift also helps the user to an easy standing position. All movements are smooth and effected by the touch of a button.
Weight Limit: 150kg/25 stone

At the heart of the Fitform 570 Vario Hermes is the knowledge that the chair has been tailored to each individual.
Proportioned to accommodate those up to 240kg or 40 stone in weight, The Hermes combines modern styling with effortless performance.
Utilising the three motor functionality, tilt-in-space, back recline and legrest elevation can be effected independantly at just the click of a button as well as facilitating a remarkably simple standing action.
A personal assessment ensures the chair is tailored to your individual needs in terms of seat height, seat depth, seat width and arm height.

The smaller sister to the Fitform 570 Vario, the Fitform 571 Vario Petite has identical features and adjustments in a chair that is perfectly proportioned for those under 5ft 3".
Underpinned by the knowledge that a correctly proportioned chair can have exceptionally positive effects on the well being of an individual, the Fitform Petite ensures that smaller individuals can achieve a healthy sitting posture too.
The Fitform Petite combines ease with functionality by delivering smooth tilt-in-space and a straightforward standing action while putting you in control of your sitting position with independent back angle and legrest actions.
Weight Limit: 150kg/25 stone

Ultra stylish and decidedly contemporary, the Fitform 550 Vario Modern combines elegant design with the properties of good seating.
As with all Fitform chairs, the range of independent adjustments ensure the dimensions of the Fitform Modern can be tailored for each individual for perfect comfort!
Once the chair is configured to your needs in terms of essential sizing, the remote control offers you the freedom to adjust the back angle, legrest and tilt-in-space to your ultimate comfort.
Weight Limit: 150kg/25 stone
Manufacturer's details

The Kirton Healthcare Group Ltd

It is a focus on excellence in design, manufacture and service delivery for over 34 years that has earned Kirton a well deserved reputation as a quality provider of specialist seating and furniture for challenging environments.

Kirton's extensive collection of seating and furniture has been developed for all ages and abilities and is designed to combine outstanding function with superb comfort, support and strong aesthetic appeal.

Kirton is a supplier to the NHS as well as many other healthcare establishments and private individuals. Our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation assures quality and helps us to fulfil our pledge to customer satisfaction. At the same time, our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System illustrates our commitment to the environment and Kirton's work towards improving the world around us. Kirton is also a member of the British Healthcare Trades Association which means we adhere to a strict Code of Practice, as approved by the Trading Standards Institute. This gives customers further peace of mind and reaffirms our ethical approach to everything we do, which has and always will be the Kirton way.


Contact details

The Kirton Healthcare Group Ltd
23 Rookwood Way
Tel: (01440) 705352
Email: info@kirtonhealthcare.co.uk


Help and advice

These riser recliners with two motors or more increase the number of independent movements that a person can control within the chair. This gives much more flexible use of the chair but means the hand controls have at least four alternative actions usually controlled by four buttons. So this is an important consideration in determining a person's ability to use this type of chair independently and safely, although the design varies between manufacturers.

Equipment Demonstration Centres like the Disabled Living Foundation or any other Equipment Demonstration Centre in the UK may have a range of chairs available to try.

You normally require about 460mm (18") to 600mm (24") behind both recliner and riser recliner chairs so the chair can fully recline, otherwise the motors could burn out pushing against an obstruction. There are now some compact versions available called 'wall huggers' which have reduced the space required to about 100mm (4") and chairs for shorter people so the chairs are proportional to the persons height. Many of these are customised.

Some powered models have a key or handset that can be removed when the chair is not in use, and an option of removable handsets or sensors. These stop the movement of the chair to prevent entrapment of children or pets.

Many of the products listed are CE marked as a 'medical device' which means they should be used only in accordance with the manufacturer's intended purpose. The manufacturer's of these chairs intend them to be used for sitting, they are not sold as sleeping systems. Consequently it is not advisable for these riser recliners to be used for sleeping unless a decision is made as part of a risk assessment by an Occupational Therapist or a Physiotherapist. There are chair beds available which are designed for sitting and sleeping. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is the government agency responsible for ensuring CE marked products are fit for purpose and safe.

Users who experience back pain may find that an alternative choice of backrest style or different style of headrest may improve their comfort.

It may be important that you have an individual assessment as there are many factors that may affect what is appropriate for you. You may be eligible for an assessment and equipment from your local authority. If you are eligible the equipment will be provided on a long-term loan basis. Alternatively, you may be eligible for a direct payment from your local authority to purchase something suitable. View more information on equipment provision via your local authority and the direct payments scheme.

Rica have a useful guide about choosing a riser recliner chair. It includes a table of chairs with different lifting options available, including tilt, high, low and vertical lift. They are an independent consumer research charity providing free, practical and unbiased reports for older and disabled people.

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National suppliers (Explain)

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supplier for those that qualify (further details)
Last checked: 15 April 2015
The Kirton Healthcare Group Ltd
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Show room
Mail order
Home demo
Online shop

Head office
23 Rookwood Way

Supplier details last checked:
15 April 2015

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The Kirton Healthcare Group Ltd 's name for this product is Fitform Vario Chair Their code/s for this product and any variants are:
  • - Vario 570
  • - Vario Hermes 570
  • - Modern 550
POA Last checked: 28 April 2015
AJ Way and Co Ltd
DLF's supplier standards rating: (Explain) rating bar full (70%)
Services (Explain)
Show room
Mail order
Home demo
Online shop

Head office
Unit 2, Sunters End
Hillbottom Road
Sands Industrial Estate High Wycombe
HP12 4HS

Supplier details last checked:
28 April 2015

Next check due:

AJ Way and Co Ltd 's name for this product is Fitform Vario Range Their code/s for this product and any variants are:
  • - modern 550
  • - petite 571
  • - hermes 570

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