Armchair-style seating

Armchair-style seating

These chairs are often popular with families for home use as they can look like ordinary armchairs and the upholstery may often be chosen to match other chairs. They do however, offer adjustment and postural support not provided in a standard armchair.

Most have adjustable width armrests and a contoured backrest, with head support and wings to help support the child when sitting up. Harnesses, lap straps and trays are available for some models as well as waterproof covers that can be put on under the upholstered covers. Some of the models are multi-adjustable and will meet the needs of growing children.

These chairs may enable children to sit in a variety of supported positions including: a reclined position; with legs stretched out on a leg rest; side lying.

Help and advice

It is very important that the occupational therapist and/or the physiotherapist working with your child are involved in the choice of chair. They can advice on positioning to encourage head control and sitting balance, and on chairs that encourage a symmetrical sitting posture.

These chairs are usually adjusted by company reps or trained therapists to provide the correct amount of support for the needs of the child. Later, parents might be shown how to alter the chair as your child grows or their condition changes.

The chairs listed here may be provided by your local authority, depending on their eligibility criteria. If your child is eligible, the equipment will be provided on a long-term loan basis. Alternatively, you may be eligible for a direct payment to purchase something suitable.

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