Gotalk 4 Plus Communicator

Manufactured by Attainment Co Inc

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Handheld communication device with four message keys and five levels.

Speechbubble's description:
The Go Talk 4+ is a slim device with four large touchpads that can store five different messages each (ie it has five 'levels'). There's also two smaller 'core message' touchpads that speak the same message whatever level is selected. The total message time is four and a half minutes. All GoTalk models have a built-in keyguard and an integral carry handle. You can cycle through the message levels with a single button, and a record lock eliminates accidental removal of messages. There's an option to quickly erase a whole level if required, and a level lock is available to prevent unintentional level changes. Overlays fit into a transparent plastic wallet and slide into the side of the unit. They can be stacked inside for storage, although storing too many will make it harder to activate the touchpads. The volume level is changed by pressing two touchpads which, although removing the need for a moving part, can become time-consuming as a message is spoken for every increment of change. Clear recording instructions are printed on the back of the unit, and two AA batteries are included.


  • four message buttons with keyguard and holders for pictures or symbols
  • two core message buttons that do not change levels
  • four and a half minutes overall recording time
  • record and level lock
  • volume settings
  • battery operated

Product dimensions

Memory Channels22

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Attainment Co Inc

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Inclusive Technology

Head office
Riverside Court
Huddersfield Road
Delph Oldham
Greater Manchester

Tel:01457 819790

Supplier details last checked:
10 February 2017

Next check due:
10th February 2019

Inclusive Technology 's name for this product is Gotalk 4+ Communicator and their product code is 0834
From £99
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Checked by DLF on 10 February 2017
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Ability World Ltd

Head office
43 Svenskaby
Orton Wistow

Tel:0845 474 7245

Supplier details last checked:
17 November 2017

Next check due:
17th November 2019

Ability World Ltd 's name for this product is Gotalk 4 Plus Communicator and their product code is ATGT4
From £118
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Checked by DLF on 17 November 2017
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Liberator Ltd

Head office
25-27 High Street
NG33 4PA

Tel:01733 370470

Supplier details last checked:
14 October 2016

Next check due:
14th October 2018

Liberator Ltd 's name for this product is Gotalk 4+ Communication Aid and their product code is GT4
From £98
Exc. VAT

Checked by DLF on 14 October 2016

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