Office style chairs

Office style chairs

These chairs offer an office style design with optional supports and accessories for children and young people with disabilities. They are often used as a child's classroom chair.

These chairs have castor bases (with brakes) and adjustment in the seat height, backrest angle and seat tilt. They may have armrests and options for increased postural support such as a pommel, trunk supports, headrests and footrests.

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G and S Smirthwaite Ltd
From £735

DLF's information quality rating

Vela Hip Hop 100

From £1081  (Exc. VAT)

DLF's information quality rating

Real 9300 Plus

Mercado Medic UK Ltd

DLF's information quality rating

Real 9400 Plus El Junior

Mercado Medic UK Ltd

DLF's information quality rating

Bambach Saddle Seat

The Bambach Saddle Seat (Europe) Ltd
From £416  (Exc. VAT)

DLF's information quality rating

Tomcat Science Chair

Tomcat SNI Ltd

DLF's information quality rating

Tomcat General Studies Chair

Tomcat SNI Ltd

DLF's information quality rating

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Help and advice

It is important that the occupational therapist and/or the physiotherapist working with your child are involved in the choice of chair. They can advice on positioning to encourage head control and sitting balance, and on chairs that encourage a symmetrical sitting posture.

By being adequately supported in a chair such as these, children will be more able to concentrate at school and on their homework. This is because it is easier to listen and carry out other activies such as computer work or handwriting when secure than it is if having to concentrate and spend energy on balance and remaining upright.

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