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Jazz Easys Pushchair

Manufactured by Tendercare Ltd

DLF's information quality rating: 90% (Explain)

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Priced from £1,780  (Exc. VAT)

DLF's summary

Adjustable buggy for children.

Product models

There are 2 models of this product available. Suppliers may not supply them all:

  • Size1 TH66014
  • Size2 TH67014


  • rear wheels
  • lockable front castors
  • folding aluminium frame
  • adjustable height footrest
  • locking seat suspension
  • tilt-in-space
  • footbrake
  • seat unit with balance safety system
  • breathable upholstery
  • reflective safety seams
  • fire retardant fabrics
  • pelvic belt
  • lateral hip guides
  • click fix system
  • adjustable back height, hip angle, seat depth and width
  • rear or front facing positions


  • indoor unit
  • 'H' shaped belt harness
  • pelvic harness
  • butterfly and chest harness
  • seat waistcoat
  • lateral head supports
  • lateral trunk supports
  • headrest
  • grip rail
  • tray
  • calf strap
  • footstraps
  • side padding
  • frame padding
  • two sizes


  • accessory bag
  • tray
  • rain cape
  • sun/rain cover with blanket
  • sun canopy umbrella
  • sleeping bag

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Product dimensions

Angle of tilt Size1 TH66014: -15-45 degrees
Size2 TH67014: 10-40 degrees
Seat depth Size1 TH66014: 19-30cm
Size2 TH67014: 27-38cm
Seat width Size1 TH66014: 19-31cm
Size2 TH67014: 25-36cm
Weight 16 kg
Width Size1 TH66014: 60cm
Size2 TH67014: 71cm
Capacity 35 kg
Length Size1 TH66014: 104cm
Size2 TH67014: 110cm

Manufacturer's contact details

Tendercare Ltd
POBox 3091
West Sussex
BN16 2WF
(01903) 726161

Manufacturer's description

We understand the importance of finding a special needs pushchair that not only suits your disabled child’s seating needs but which also looks great. The Thomas Hilfen Jazz EASyS is a modern, good-looking, lightweight and flexible pushchair making it perfect for every day use. The under seat lockable and adjustable suspension offers the child extra comfort when going over all types ground, from only slightly to very uneven terrain. The seat unit can be placed in various positions, from lying completely flat to rearward facing, and there are no fixed positions for the tilt in space facility. The pivot points for the hip and knee angle adjustments are positioned at the natural motion point of the childs knee and hip. This means that after making changes to these angles the postural supports remain in the correct position. The fabric covers are breathable and fast drying and also quick to remove should you need to wash them. The Jazz EASyS is designed to fold as a complete unit making it quick and easy to store when not in use, however it is easy to remove the seat unit from the chassis if required because of the click-fix system in the seating adaptor; simply release the click-fix lever and lift the seat off to switch it onto a different frame. The Jazz EASyS has been successfully crash tested according to ISO 7176/19 and ANSI/RESNA WC/vol.1 section 19 6/22/99 draft and therefore ensures safe transportation of the child in specially adapted vehicles. An additional safety feature of the Jazz EASyS is reflectors integrated into both the upholstery and the sleeping bag to provide good visibility in poor light

Help and advice

Tilt-in-space can be used for several reasons:

  • For postural management.
  • To change pressure distribution to reduce the risk of pressure areas/ulcers developing.
  • To provide a choice of postures for different activities (but remember that an upright position is more functional and stimulating).
  • To reduce the need for accessories such as harnesses and truck supports.
  • May help respiration and digestion.
  • To reduce the need for regular transfers and moving and handling.
  • To help position your child into the back of the seat when transferring (particularly if a hoist is used).

It is very important that the occupational therapist and/or the physiotherapist working with your child are involved in the choice of buggy. They can advise on positioning to encourage head control and sitting balance, and on buggies that encourage a symmetrical sitting posture.

These specialised buggies may be provided by your child's wheelchair service, depending on their eligibility criteria.

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Give As You Live - Helping Disabled Living Foundation

Where to buy this product

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National supplier (Explain)

From £1780 - £1838  Exc. VAT (?) This product is available VAT exempt from this
supplier for those that qualify (further details)
Last checked: August 2013
Tendercare Ltd
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Show room
Mail order
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Standards (Explain)   Manufacturer

Head office
West Sussex
BN16 2WF
POBox 3091

Supplier details last checked:

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Tendercare Ltd 's name for this product is Jazz Easys Pushchair Their code/s for this product and any variants are:
  • - Size1 TH66014
  • - Size2 TH67014

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