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Portset Digital Media Centre

Manufactured by Portset Systems Ltd

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Priced from £859  (Exc. VAT)

DLF's summary

Multimedia device with range of functions.


  • designed to make digital Freeview services of television, radio and teletext available to blind and partially sighted users
  • program details and function keys on integral keyboard produce speech output
  • integral control panel comprises - rotary volume control, personal headphone connector, integral stereo speakers, CD/DVD slot and smart card interface
  • functions include - automatic tuning, daily updates of seven-day program guide, audio description, spoken navigational teletext, pause and resume of live programs, record and playback from internal memory, audio mute, selection of channels by name and channel number
  • music CD player
  • Daisy talking book player


  • remote control with speech output
  • DVD with audio description

Product dimensions

Height 10 cm
Length 27 cm
Width 36 cm

Manufacturer's contact details

Portset Systems Ltd
14 Palmerston Business Park
Palmerston Drive
(01489) 893919

Help and advice

DAISY books can be obtained on CDs, DVDs, memory cards, memory sticks or downloaded. The book can be played on a standalone DAISY player, or by using DAISY software on a computer. Users of DAISY books can navigate through the recording/book by sections, sub-sections, chapter or pages. Bookmarks can be inserted at any point, and there is a 'resume' option which continues playback from the point the reader last reached, (rather than going back to the beginning which is what happens with conventional CDs).1,2

For details on DAISY software refer to the RNIB's guide).

Note that some CD players can play the audio content of a DAISY audio CD but that they will not give any of the navigation, bookmarking or other advanced features.

RNIB's Talking Book Service offers over 18,000 audio books, on DAISY CD paid for by annual subscription and delivered postage-free. They offer a DAISY player on loan for an additional subscription. Alternatively, if you wish to purchase a DAISY player read the RNIB guides to the DAISY format and Buy a DAISY player from RNIB.

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Last checked: 23 September 2014
Portset Systems Ltd
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Head office
14 Palmerston Business Park
Palmerston Drive

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23 September 2014

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Portset Systems Ltd 's name for this product is Portset Digital Media Centre

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Product comments

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anonymous: while the portset media center appears to be a useful product, as with many devices catering for people with specific needs( in this case impaired vision), i would level two criticisms, namely ONE the price is prohibitive for the majority of visually impaired people simple because , in most cases, they are not able to draw in sufficient funds due to lack of consistent employment opportunities.TWO while portset wax lyrical about their products, the accompanying documentation is not available for download as far as i can ascertain. consequently i would advise VI customers to just get a cheap telly, , a speech enabled freeview adapter and pay the concessionary license fee.( I could say more about that but that would take the matter well off topic)

24 October 2012

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