Textphones, screen telephones and accessories

Textphones, screen telephones and accessories

A textphone has a keyboard and a display screen, you type what you want to say rather than speaking into a mouthpiece and can read the conversation on a display without needing to hear the other party. You may decide to use a textphone instead of a standard telephone if you are deaf and/or if you have difficulties with your speech.

Screen phones have a screen on which the incoming caller's speech is displayed in text format so you can have a conversation using your voice but without hearing your caller. This use of your speech but conversion of the other person's speech into text is sometimes known as Voice Carry Over (VCO) (RNID, 2009). Some textphones have a VCO option. Screen phones do not have a keyboard, although this can be purchased as an accessory. You may prefer a screen phone to a textphone it you want to use your voice but cannot hear the other person on the phone.

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Uniphone 1150 Textphone

Ultratec Inc
From £280  (Exc. VAT)
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Textlink 9100 Textphone

From £299  (Exc. VAT)
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