Product data spreadsheets

Your product details on our database feed a number of websites including DLF Data, Living made easy and AskSARA.

With hundreds of thousands of people visiting DLF's websites, you will want to make sure they get the most up-to-date information about your products.  Both 'Living made easy' and AskSARA display a rating system which determines the order in which the products appear.  One of the factors used to award the rating is how recently the product details have been updated.

To help keep your product details up to date, and save you time using our self service system DLF has developed an option to import a spreadsheet of your products to our database.  This will update your product names, prices, product codes and url (web addresses) for your products. 

However, it will only work if your existing product entries have a product code (or EAN), and the spreadsheet you send us also has these codes, as this is how the system matches the entries. We recommend you send us a short sample spreadsheet and we will feedback to you if it will work, or suggest amendments if necessary.

View a sample spreadsheet showing the columns we require

If you have a spreadsheet email it to karen.hughes@dlf.org.uk, phone 020 7289 6111 ext 226