Self Service Batch Importer

DLF's websites provide comprehensive databases offering advice and information on thousands of daily living products, with details on the companies who sell them.

As an equipment supplier, your product and company details appear on DLF Data, Living made easy and AskSARA. With hundreds of thousands of people visiting DLF's websites, you will want to make sure they get the most up-to-date information about your products.

Living made easy and AskSARA display a rating system which determines the order in which the products appear - regularly updating your product information increases your rating.

If your company sells more than 100 products, you may find our Batch Importer useful.

The Batch Importer allows you to upload a spreadsheet containing your product details via our Self Service site. It works by matching your existing product codes (or EANs) on our equipment database with the codes/EANs you have provided on your spreadsheet - if it finds a match, it will update the information.

View a sample spreadsheet showing the columns we require, or register/login to Self Service to upload your spreadsheet.

If you have any questions, email or phone 020 7289 6111.