Moon is a tactile alphabet of raised lines and curves that people read by feeling with their fingertips. Moon characters are fairly large and many characters have a strong resemblance to their print equivalent. Consequently individuals who lose their sight later in life, or individuals who do not have sensitive touch in their fingertips may find Moon easier to learn then Braille.1-4

Moon can be used to label items such as food cans and packets, medicines, documents, CDs etc. There are books available which are written in Moon although there are many more books available in Braille than Moon. As Moon is not so well known it is rarely offered as an alternative format for items such as statements, bills and menus.5

Short passages of Moon can be produced using portable hand frames, the letters are indented on film sheets. Self-adhesive plastic sheets containing Moon characters which can be cut out to create labels are available, temporary passages can be created with Moon tiles. Some Braille embossers will emboss Moon using appropriate translation software.

For more information on Moon visit:
- The RNIB Moon webpage

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