Canary Care Monitoring Package

Manufactured by Canary Care

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Activity monitoring system that records movement and temperature from four wireless sensors. Requires ongoing monthly subscription.


  • hub unit and four wireless sensors that monitor movement and temperature
  • power supply and contact strips to fix the sensors
  • batteries for each sensor
  • visitor card for visitors to wave over the hub which records the visit
  • does not require phone line or broadband in the home being monitored
  • allows authorised relatives or carers to monitor the user's activity patterns remotely from their mobile, computer or tablet (Internet connection required)
  • movement pattern in individual rooms can be monitored, as can time spent in each room, and room temperature in each room or whether people have been to visit
  • texts or emails can be sent to relatives or carers if anything outside of the users' usual routine occurs, for example if they have not been to the bathroom by 10am


  • Premium Package with two additional door sensors
  • individual extra door sensors (a total of 8 sensors can be used)

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User's home requiresMobile reception

Manufacturer's information

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Canary Care
Building D5 Culham Science Centre
OX14 3DB
01865 408366

Manufacturer's description

For those that find themselves worrying 'I hope Mum is looking after herself' - or my Dad or any other relative in need of support - Canary is a new home monitoring system that gives families the reassurance that their relative is safe and well. Most importantly, it gives that elderly person the freedom and independence to choose to stay in their own home for longer.

Canary allows families to see at a glance, on a webpage via a mobile or on a laptop, that everything is as it should be. For example, with Canary you can tell you whether your elderly relative has visited the kitchen to eat, if their house is warm enough (but not too warm) or whether they have gone to bed safely. It can also tell if a visitor (domestic, personal care or meal delivery) has called at the expected time. If anything out of the ordinary does occur, Canary can be set-up to send a notification to family, friends or neighbours, by email or text, so that they can check that everything is ok. Canary provides families with a secure webpage to keep up-to-date on activity in, temperature of and visits to the home, allowing families to see that everything is as it should be.

Canary is also available for a monthly rental fee of 30 GBP (+VAT) after payment of a 100 GBP refundable* deposit.

*Refund dependent on the Canary system being returned to Canary in a serviceable condition.

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Canary Care

Head office
Building D5 Culham Science Centre
OX14 3DB

Tel:01865 408366

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08 January 2018

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8th January 2020

Canary Care 's name for this product is Canary Care Monitoring Package
From £99
Exc. VAT
Canary requires a monthly monitoring subscription of £26 (+VAT)

Checked by DLF on 08 January 2018

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