Sencit Multifunction Care Monitor With Sms Text Alert Messages

Manufactured by SeNd Technology Ltd

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Activity monitoring system.

Product models

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  • movement detector sensor is placed in an area where regular movement occurs
  • sensor automatically sends a warning text message to a carer if it detects no movement at times when movement is expected
  • monitors up to three time periods
  • sensor can also check for night time wandering, room temperature changes (adjustable alert levels) and power cuts
  • requires mains connection, transformer included
  • pay-as-you-go SIM card included


  • Sen-Cit+ with a wireless door sensor

Product dimensions

Detector range10metres
User's home requiresMobile reception

Manufacturer's information

Manufacturer's contact details

SeNd Technology Ltd
Pond Cottage
Upper Green
RG17 9QH
01488 668337

Manufacturer's description

Multi-function Care Monitor checks for regular movement patterns during the day and sends SMS text alerts directly to up to five carers when "no movement" has occured which could be due to a fall or being unwell. Also monitors room temperature, mains power cuts, night wandering, door wandering and home security all from one discreet compact device. Simple to install and configure and running costs are just the price of a text message.

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Head office
32 Guildford Road
East Sussex

Tel:01273 719889

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13 June 2016

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13th June 2018

Essentialaids.com 's name for this product is Sencit Multifunction Care Monitor and their code/s for this product and any variants are:
  • - Standard NRM56383
  • - With Door Sensor NRM56395
From £300 - £366
Exc. VAT

Checked by DLF on 13 June 2016
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Mail order

SeNd Technology Ltd

Head office
Pond Cottage
Upper Green
Inkpen Hungerford
RG17 9QH

Tel:01488 668337

Supplier details last checked:
21 April 2016

Next check due:
21st April 2018

SeNd Technology Ltd 's name for this product is SeNCit Multifunction Care Monitor With SMS Text Alert Messages and their code/s for this product and any variants are:
  • - SENCIT
  • - SENCIT+
From £165 - £207
Exc. VAT

Checked by DLF on 21 April 2016

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