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Voice Alarm

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Alarm module that can monitor a range of optional attachments to detect movement from bed, chair or door opening.

Product models

There are 4 models of this product available. Suppliers may not supply them all:

  • Monitor CCS6602
  • Chair Sensor Mat CCS6604
  • Door or Window Open Sensor CCS6605
  • Huge Bed Sensor Mat CCS6603


  • battery operated monitor which can sound an alarm or play a pre-recorded message
  • three level alarm volume settings, silent, medium or high
  • low battery indicator
  • immediate or 15 minute alarm delay function, if user returns to bed or chair within this time the alarm is cancelled
  • wall bracket


  • voice alarm pager from some suppliers


  • bed sensor mat
  • chair sensor mat
  • door/window sensor
  • wireless pager with 100 metre range

Product dimensions

Wireless pagerOption

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NRS Healthcare

Head office
Sherwood House
Cartwright Way
Forest Business Park Coalville
LE67 1UB

Tel:0345 121 8111

Supplier details last checked:
08 June 2016

Next check due:
8th June 2018

NRS Healthcare 's name for this product is Voice Alarm Monitor And Sensors and their code/s for this product and any variants are:
  • - Monitor M99769
  • - Bed Sensor Mat M08480
  • - Chair Sensor Mat M08492
From £24 - £60
Exc. VAT

Checked by DLF on 08 June 2016
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Head office
32 Guildford Road
East Sussex

Tel:01273 719889

Supplier details last checked:
13 June 2016

Next check due:
13th June 2018

Essentialaids.com 's name for this product is Voice Alarm Chair Sensor Mat and their product code is NRM08492
From £34
Exc. VAT

Checked by DLF on 13 June 2016

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