Anti-wander Wristband Activated Door Alarm System

Manufactured by Rondish Co Ltd

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Alarm system to raise alert when the user attempts to leave the building. Optional wristband checker for situations where multiple wristbands are in use to check battery condition and locate lost wristbands.


  • wristband worn by the user
  • strip attached to door to be monitored which picks up a radio signal from the wristband
  • alarm unit with LEDs and adjustable volume alarm buzzer
  • relay output for activation of automatic door lock
  • reset wristband button for staff which also allows the alarm to be overridden, for example when escorting the user through the doorway

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Rondish Co Ltd

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The DoorWatcher system is designed to allow a resident in a care or nursing home more freedom and independence while in care. The system will alert care staff if the resident approaches a monitored door, (internal or external) corridor or hazardous area.

The system comprises of a strip style wristband detector that responds to low level signals continually transmitted by the resident wristband. The door strip monitor includes a built in sound alarm with volume control, a transmitter that will signal the nurse call central monitor (page 31) and a simple zone detection range setting. Installation is very quick and easy requiring no wiring or professional help. Self adhesive pads secure the door strip monitor to the door frame or adjacent wall.

The resident wristbands are lightweight and comfortable to wear and are powered by sealed in lithium batteries, providing a continuous service life of 24 months. The wristbands have secure power on/off and alarm transmission if unauthorised removal occurs.

Unlimited numbers of wristbands can be used with a single or multiple door strip monitors to allow all exist doors to be protected. The advantage of this type of system is the ability to monitor only residents at risk. Our magnetic switch door alarms for example will respond to all residents opening a door.

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