Speaking Pager Bed Sensor Mat

Manufactured by Rondish Co Ltd
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Pressure sensitive mat and pager kit to detect when a person leaves their bed. Replacement sensor mats and extra pagers available.

Product models

There are 2 models of this product available. Suppliers may not supply them all:

  • Standard CCS6598
  • With Transmitter And Pager Kit CCS6595


  • pressure sensitive mat
  • transmitter with audible and visual features to confirm that the weight of the user has been detected when they first lie down
  • voice announcement which is triggered with the pager to ask the person to lie back down
  • voice announcement can be turned off if not required
  • pager with tone beeper or speaking transmitter number alarm, 100m range

Product dimensions

Wireless pagerStandard

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Head office
32 Guildford Road
East Sussex

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13 June 2016

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Essentialaids.com 's name for this product is Speaking Pager Bed Occupancy Alarm System Their product code is: NRM08534
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Manufacturer's contact

Rondish Co Ltd

Manufacturer's product description

Medpage Limited T/A Easylink UK are the UK distributor and source of contact for Rondish products in the UK. Tel. 01536 264 869

If you need an alarm to detect a person leaving their bed or chair The Easylink monitor system is a very good choice. The system comprises of a sensor mat, bed or chair, a wireless monitor transmitter and a radio pager. For a bed, the sensor is placed under the patents mattress or bed sheet, for a chair under the chair cushion or seat cover. When the patient sits or lays down, the monitor transmitter acknowledges detection with a couple of beeps. When the patient rises an alarm signal is transmitted to the radio pager, which can be up to 150M away. Either system can be set up in a couple of minutes. The new extended alarm delay option can be selected to allow the user 15 minutes to go to the bathroom etc before the alarm signal is transmitted to the alarm pager. ORDER CODE RCG-01 PRICE £ 114 inc VAT http://www.easylinkuk.co.uk/page45.html