Wireless Convulsion Sensor Mat And Pager Set

Manufactured by Frequency Precision Ltd
Priced from £383  (Exc. VAT)

DLF's summary

Convulsion sensor and pager set.


  • transmitter box with protective rubber case and straps
  • waterproof bed pressure mat
  • mat is positioned under mattress
  • when a pre-set level of excessive movement is detected the senor will send an alert to the pager
  • sensitivity can be adjusted to user's needs

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Head office
171-173 Broadway
Greater Manchester
M41 7NW
United Kingdom

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12 June 2019

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From £383
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Manufacturer's contact

Frequency Precision Ltd
Studio 21 Clipper House
33 Trinity Buoy Wharf
E14 0FL
United Kingdom
01837 810590

Manufacturer's product description

Epilepsy Monitor & Pager Set for Home Carers

The convulsion sensor mat is placed underneath the bed mattress and will detect an epileptic seizure (the type that causes the entire body to shake).

The bleeper pager can be carried by a carer around the house (even in a different room or in the garden) and will bleep, flash and vibrate when the convulsion sensor mat is activated .

Discrete - the bed pressure mat is placed underneath the bed mattress and connected to a small control box.
Adjustable sensitivity - the control box has a dial to make the mat more or less sensitive depending on how heavy the person is.
Long battery life - the control box is powered by two household AA batteries which will last for up to one year.
Reliable - the bed pressure mat is waterproof and contains only air, so there's nothing inside it that can go wrong.

The control box is made of impact-resistant plastic and supplied with a protective rubber case and straps to attach it to the side of the bed.

The carer will be alerted to a seizure no matter where they are in the house.

When the bed pressure mat detects the entire body shaking during an epileptic seizure, it will send a message to the pager.

The pager can be carried by a carer around the house and will even work in the garden (it has a range of up to 400m).

More details

Works underneath all mattresses (including pressure relieving airflow mattresses).
Batteries included (2 x AA batteries).
Mat goes under the mattress so no loss of comfort.
No technical knowledge required.
1-year warranty & 30-day money-back guarantee.