Case study - how equipment helped Alexander

Alexander is a happy eight year old boy who lives with his mum, dad and two older siblings. Alexander has epilepsy and often experiences seizures in the night time.

The concern:

Recently, Alexander had a seizure in bed and injured himself. His parents are exhausted, as they wake constantly throughout the night to get up and check on Alexander to ensure that he is okay.

The solution:

A full review of Alexander's epilepsy medication was carried out. This ensured that the frequency and severity of his seizures are as controlled as possible. Following this, Alexander's GP referred Alexander to an occupational therapist. The GP requested that night time equipment solutions be investigated to reduce the risk of Alexander injuring himself again in the event of a seizure. A paediatric occupational therapist visited Alexander and his parents at home and recommended that a soft space and an epilepsy sensor be put in place.

The outcome:

Alexander loves his new soft space and uses it for playtime as well as for sleeping. It has high, padded sides, which surround all four sides of the mattress. This means that if Alexander has a seizure overnight, the risk of him injuring himself is greatly reduced. The epilepsy sensor is placed underneath the mattress, and in the event of a seizure it sends an alert to a pager. Alexander's parents keep the pager on their bedside cupboard. Alexander's parents feel reassured that they will be woken if Alexander does have a seizure. As a result they are sleeping a great deal more than previously because they no longer feel the need to get up multiple times every night to check on Alexander.

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