Case study - how equipment helped Ben

The concern:

Ben is currently sleeping in his parents bed because at present, they feel it is the safest place for him to sleep. When Ben had been sleeping in a standard cot, he had, on one occasion, climbed over the cot sides and fallen to the floor. He had also been harming himself on the cotsides. Ben's parents know that this is a not a long term solution, but cannot see how they can safely leave Ben to sleep anywhere else.

The solution:

Ben's parents contacted their local social services and requested an occupational therapy assessment. The occupational therapist (OT) visited the family at home to carry out an assessment. Following this assessment, the OT made a funding application for a height adjustable cot. This application was successful, and the cot has now been set-up in Ben's bedroom.

The outcome:

Ben and his parents are very happy with the cot. At the cot's lowest height, Ben is able to climb into it independently and it can then be raised to a height appropriate for his parents to provide any necessary care. The cot sides have been provided at a height too high for Ben to be able to attempt to climb over, and they are also completely padded, which means that if Ben attempts any self-harming behaviour, the risk of injury is significantly reduced. The cot sides also have clear perspex panels integral to their design - this means that Ben's parents can check on him at any time, without causing any disturbance to his sleep or rest-time. The cot is the same size as a standard single bed and the family feel reassured that the cot will therefore still be appropriate for Ben as he grows.

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