Case study - how equipment helped Sophia


The concern:

Sophia has always been fed by her parents, but really wants to be able to feed herself. Attempts at this in the past have not been successful, and Sophia and her parents are becoming increasingly frustrated.

The solution:

Following an assessment with an occupational therapist, a variety of equipment was recommended. Firstly, an insulated bowl to be used in conjunction with a cutlery set with angled handles. This allows Sophia to take her time eating, without worrying about her food becoming cold. Food can be pushed against the side of the dish, and onto the angled cutlery. The angle of the cutlery means that Sophie needs less movement to bring the cutlery up to her mouth than she would with standard cutlery. Sophia is left handed, but this isn't an issue as angled cutlery is available for both left and right handed use. Also, a slip resistant placemat was provided to ensure that the insulated dish does not slide around on the table when Sophia is trying to get food onto her cutlery.

The outcome:

The use of this equipment means that, for the first time, Sophia is able to feed her self independently. Meal times do take much longer than they used to previously, but the family find it a far more enjoyable experience as everyone is eating together and valuing the time to talk to one another.

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