Case study - how equipment helped Ruby

The concern:

Ruby currently drinks out of a bottle, as several attempts by her parents to move her onto using a cup have not been successful. Ruby's parents are now unsure whether as a result of her disability, Ruby will be able to safely drink out of anything else.

The solution:

Ruby's GP referred her to a local speech and language therapist who carried out a thorough assessment of Ruby's drinking and swallowing abilities. The speech and language therapist determined that Ruby does has the oral skills to manage drinking and swallowing out of a cup, and a suitable cup was gradually introduced into Ruby's routine. A a straw with a one-way valve was also provided by Ruby's therapist, as Ruby's disability means that her function fluctuates throughout the day. The valve in these straws means that liquid will not flow back down the straw between sips.

The outcome:

After several weeks of gradually introducing the specialised cup, Ruby no longer uses a bottle. The straw with a one-way valve is also used on a daily basis for when Ruby does not have the energy to drink out of the cup.

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