Case study - how equipment helped Mr A

Mr A

Mr A is 73 years old and has general good health. However, he is finding it increasingly difficult to get out of his low chair. He is concened that his mobility is becoming restricted as it is such an effort to get up. This is causing him to feel depressed. He would like to know what his options are.

His concerns:

Due to the increased effort to get out of his chair, Mr A is walking less and becoming socially isolated as he has not been going out as often.

The solution:

Mr A contacted his local social services who arranged an assessment with a trusted assessor. The trusted assessor visited Mr. A at home. She agreed that there were issues around Mr. A standing safely from his chair. She arranged for the installation of chair raisers but also gave him advice about buying an alternative high chair if he wished. She referred Mr A for an assessment by a community physiotherapist to look at improving his mobility and possibly to supply some mobility equipment.

The outcome:

Mr A was very pleased that the apparent problem with his chair could be sorted out easily with chair raisers. He felt he had the information he needed to buy a new high chair if he wanted to in the future. Mr A also felt that once he had been assessed by a physiotherapist, he would feel more confident going out again.

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