Case study - how equipment helped Mrs E

Mrs E is 87 years old. She has osteoarthritis that mainly affects her knees. She has a C shape ( kyphotic) back and is generally frail and thin. She is looking to purchase a riser recliner so she can relax and have an afternoon nap in her chair. She wants good support for her knees when she is reclined.

Her concerns:

Mrs E is concerned about the wide range of riser recliners available and how she will know which one to choose. She wants a riser recliner that is simple to use, that will fit in her small sheltered accommodation flat and that is comfortable for her back and legs

The solution:

Mrs E contacted her local Age concern who suggested that she went to her local Assist Uk. She was able to try out a few different riser recliner chairs including one with a waterfall back and a hand control which she found easy to understand. Assist Uk were able to give her information about more compact riser recliners (called wall huggers) and riser recliners designed for petite people. She was then able to take an informed decision about which local shop to go to in order to purchase her chair.

The outcome:

Mrs E was able to confidently purchase a riser recliner which both suited her needs and fitted within her living room without taking up too much space. Her legs were supported and she was able to have a nap if she wished.

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