Case study - how equipment helped Tony

Tony is 43 years old and has Huntingdons disease (HD). His mobility is deteriorating and he is showing an increase in general clumsiness which is part of the pattern of this disease. His mother, who is taking care of him, wants to be able to nurse him at home. Tony is spending an increasing amount of time propped on the sofa as the incidence of bruising and injury has increased if he is in his wheelchair or bed. It is becoming a greater problem for Tony to feel safe and comfortable. A friend of the family working in a special school commented on the effectiveness of a multi-adjustable/deep chair for students with athetoid cerebral palsy which has similar demands on postural management and a similar degree of involuntary movements to HD. Tony and his mum therefore wondered if such a chair would help or be suitable for him.

Tony and his mums carers concerns.

Tony wants to feel safe and know that he can relax in a chair. His mum is increasingly concerned about his deteriorating condition and also wants to know that he is supported safely with better posture than he currently is.

The solution:

Tony's mum contacted the occupational therapist (OT) who was dealing with Tony's case and asked if his seating could be reviewed. Several reps from different companies accompanied the OT on a home visit to trial a few models of their chairs. A suitable multi-adjustable chair was then chosen. It had a tilt in space feature to give different options for Tony's position, depending on the activities he wanted to do while in the chair.

The outcome:

Once the chair was delivered and set up, Tony slept better and was able to maintain a stable midline posture (especially as his balance and general condition worsened). His involuntary movements decreased and his discomfort and injuries reduced. Dynamic adjustment in the chair made feeding more pleasurable for Tony and his mum, with swallowing and digestion improved. Tony's mum's anxiety reduced and she felt Tony generally had a better quality of life. She also knew the chair could be adjusted to adapt to Tony's changing needs.

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