Case study - how equipment helped Mohammed

The concern:

Mohammed would like to be able to play on the floor with his friends at childcare, however he does not have the trunk control to sit without support. This means that Mohammed's childcare workers are sitting behind him to provide hands-on support. Mohammed's parents are also concerned about his seating at home. They will often prop Mohammed up on cushions on their settee but would like him to have more support than this.

The solution:

Mohammed's parents contacted their local social services department to ask for an assessment for their son. An occupational therapist visited Mohammed at home and assessed his seating abilities. Because Mohammed has head control, but does not have sufficient trunk (upper body) control to sit unaided, the therapist recommended that a floor sitter chair be provided. This was sourced from the local authorities' community equipment store and was provided to Mohammed on a long term loan basis. The therapist also advised Mohammed's parents and childcare workers on safe moving and handling techniques to get Mohammed in and out of the chair.

The outcome:

Mohammed uses his floor sitter at home and when he is at childcare. It means that he no longer needs support from others to sit. Since he has been provided with the chair, his parents have noticed a marked improvement in his communication and hand skills (Mohammed really loves finger painting!). Mohammed's therapist explained that this is because Mohammed no longer has to spend a lot of energy concentrating on sitting upright but is instead able to use his energy on other tasks.

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