Case study - how equipment helped Chloe

The concern:

Chloe's parents have been receiving reports from her teacher that Chloe is finding it very difficult to concentrate during lessons. They are also concerned that Chloe's handwriting has not been progressing.

The solution:

Chloe's teacher recommended that Chloe have an assessment with the school's occupational therapist (OT). Chloe and her parents were happy to agree to this. The outcome of the assessment was that Chloe requires more support in a chair than what is provided by the school's standard chairs. This means that when Chloe was sitting on a standard chair, she was spending a lot of energy concentrating on sitting upright. Her energy and ability to concentrate on lessons and learning were greatly reduced. The OT therefore recommended that Chloe be provided with an activity chair with some postural support.

The outcome:

Chloe is using her new chair at school and her teacher reports that her ability to concentrate and learn is greatly improved. Chloe says that since having the chair she now has much more energy - not only to pay attention during lessons, but also to play with her friends at lunch time!

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