Case study - how equipment helped Nadia


The concern:

Nadia is a single mum who cares for her 2 sons (7 & 12) who are severely autistic and profoundly deaf. Her younger child is currently in foster care with regular home visits. Nadia has not had a full night's sleep for ten years and is finding it increasingly difficult to manage as her sons grow bigger and stronger. Her eldest son left the sink running and flooded the kitchen and both sons are prone to leaving the house by the windows and doors, causing danger to themselves

The solution:

A telecare solution that allows Nadia to know as soon as an incident occurs, via a pager during the day and an under pillow vibrator at night. The solution includes:

  • A bed occupancy sensor for each of the boys' beds. If the boys get out of bed in the night and don't return within a preset period of time, Nadia is woken.
  • Flood detectors in the kitchen and bathroom, for in the event that her sons leave the water running again.
  • Property exit sensors on the door to property and also on the windows. With these in place, if the boys leave the house without Nadia's knowledge she is alerted via either the pager or the under pillow vibrator.

The outcome:

Nadia says ''I have been able to get a good night's sleep for the first time in many years, as I no longer have to stay awake at night worrying about my sons' activities. I also know I'm not completely alone in caring for my children. They would both be in foster care if it wasn't for telecare''.

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