Case study - how equipment helped Zac

The concern:

Zac is now more than 135cm (4' 5'' tall), and as such, he is tall enough that by law, he no longer needs to use a child restraint (read more on the law relating to child car seats). Zac has also indicated to his parents that he does not wish to use his car seat any more. His parents however, are concerned about how to adequately support Zac in their car, as when they trialled the standard adult seat belt, Zac fell sideways and downwards in his seat.

The solution:

Zac's parents contacted their occupational therapist (OT) and requested a review of Zac's transport needs. The OT recommended that Zac's parents purchase a specialised harness for Zac. The harness is designed to work in conjunction with the standard seat belt to offer a combination of support and safety. The harness can be put on Zac before he gets into the car which reduces the amount of moving and handling required by his parents.

The outcome:

Using the new harness, Zac is secure in the family car. He no longer falls sideways or slips down through the belt. Zac's parents are happy knowing that he is adequately secured, but that the harness can still be quickly released if required in the event of an accident.

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