Case study - how equipment helped Hollie

The concern:

Hollie has been using a standard child's car seat with a five-point harness, however she has just outgrown this. Hollie's parents are now unsure about how to transport her safely in the car, as they know that a booster seat would not provide the postural support that she requires.

The solution:

Hollie's parents visited their nearest mobility centre, where they were shown specialised car seats for children with disabilities. Hollie was able to try out the seats to determine which of them best addressed her postural needs. Hollie's parents were then able to try the seats in their car. It was identified that their car has ISOFix fittings (anchorage points in a car's structure into which an ISOFix child seat can simply be plugged), therefore they chose a ISOFix compatible seat to reduce the risk of them incorrectly fitting the seat in the car.

The outcome:

Hollie now has a suitable, specialised car seat that meets her needs. It has a swivel base, which reduces the manual handling for her parents when they are transferring Hollie into and out of the car. Hollie's parents are confident fitting the seat into the car thanks to the ISOFix fittings as well as the good advice they received at the mobility centre. The ISOFix fittings also have the added bonus that Hollie's car seat can be easily fitted by her grandparents into their car when she visits them.

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