Case study - how equipment helped a school

The concern:

Teachers and therapists at a school in Liverpool had the concept of using multi-sensory equipment with students with challenging behaviours. They wanted a room that could be used to encourage relaxation techniques and self management of the children's anxiety and tension, whilst ensuring the physical safety and welfare of the children and the staff.

The solution:

The school collaborated closely with a specialised sensory company which resulted in a multi sensory environment being designed, manufactured and installed in a room of the school. The design encourages the staff and student's goals of promoting positive behaviour and self management of anxiety. Children are able to make choices when in the environment, for example - choosing the colour of lights. The design also includes some soft furniture for the children to sit and lie down on whilst they are experiencing the multi-sensory environment.

The outcome:

The school have found their newly installed multi-sensory environment to be a simple but effective resource. The staff report that the benefits of scheduled use of the room include a reduction in the children's anxiety and tension and that it is helping to prevent the need for seclusion of the children. Children are also more likely to self-manage their mood and behaviour. The children report that they very much enjoy using the multi-sensory room and being able to have choice and control of the various equipment.

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