Case study - how equipment helped Jayden


The concern:

Jayden has a deteriorating condition which has meant that he is no longer able to walk as far as he used to. After discussing it with Jayden, his physiotherapist made a referral to his local wheelchair service in order for him to have an assessment.

The solution:

The specialist paediatric therapist at Jayden's wheelchair service carried out an assessment with Jayden. Jayden was very involved throughout the assessment process, and it was decided that a lightweight self-propelling wheelchair would best meet his needs. Having a lightweight chair will promote Jayden's independence, but will also enable his parents to push him if required. Jayden's parents also bought him a pair of wheelchair gloves which helps with his grip on the push rims and with stopping/starting the chair.

The outcome:

Jayden reports that he enjoyed being able to choose many aspects of his new wheelchair - particularly the colour of the frame which he chose in his favourite football team's colours. Jayden says that this has helped him better accept the wheelchair into his life which he now uses on a daily basis.

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