Case study - how equipment helped Anne


Anne's osteoarthritis means that she is finding dressing and putting on shoes really difficult. Some simple dressing aids helped make these tasks quicker and less effort.

The challenge

Anne is 82 and has osteoarthritis affecting her hands, hips and knees. She lives in a two bedroom flat with her husband. She walks around her home without any walking aids, but uses a walking frame outside. She has recently begun to find some dressing tasks difficult. Pain and stiffness in her left hip means that she finds it difficult and painful to bend low to put on and fasten her shoes, or to pick items up off the floor. Pain in her hands means that she finds some of the fastenings on her clothing difficult to manage, such as the small buttons on some of her blouses and cardigans. If tasks take her a long time she sometimes asks her husband to help her but is very keen to be as independent as possible.

Possible solutions

Anne and her husband heard about Living Made Easy from their son. Having read the advice on how her clothes might be adapted, Anne found the products she wanted and bought the following equipment from a national supplier:

  1. A long handled shoe horn, which will help Anne get her shoes on without having to bend low.
  2. A long handled reacher, to enable Anne to pull up clothing from the floor, such as trousers, without the need to bend low.
  3. Elastic shoelaces, which converted Anne's lace-up shoes into slip ons, therefore eliminating the need for her to fasten them.

Having read the advice on simple adaptations to her clothing, Anne fitted some velcro dots to some of her blouses so that she would no longer need to struggle with the small buttons. She was also able to practice some recommended techniques for putting on trousers to help reduce movements that were causing pain.

The outcome

Anne now uses all of her equipment on a daily basis to help her with getting dressed. Anne now rarely needs to ask her husband for help and is happy to be independent again.

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