Case study - how equipment helped Dr Sarah Burton-Taylor

Dr Sarah Burton-Taylor

Rotating bed delivers independence at home to high-flying business director with severe MS

Requirement: Full profiling bed for assistance with MS
Product: Rotating bed

Dr Sarah Burton-Taylor, from Chittoe near Chippenham, has Multiple Sclerosis and restricted mobility. Her rotating bed has helped her remain independent and continue to run her business.

Sarah has had MS for around 30 years, however it wasn't until three years ago that her condition suddenly deteriorated and her physical capabilities were drastically reduced.

The summer of 2008 was an extremely difficult time for Sarah, her husband and their two teenage daughters as she explains: 'My MS had progressed slowly before 2008 with only a need for me to use walking sticks to remain mobile. However three years ago I felt like I had 'fallen off a cliff' with my condition and we had to begin researching all the options to stabilise my health and adapt our beloved home so it was a practical environment for me to live in. We have lived in a converted old church for 20 years and I was desperate to remain at home. However my husband sometimes works away and my two daughters are studying at University, hence there were going to be times that I could be left alone and would not have any assistance.'

Sarah continues: 'We were concerned that I would have to sleep separately from my husband because of my deteriorating condition, and we thought that a hospital type bed would look so out of place in our home. My husband is such a practical man and thanks to his thorough investigations we discovered a full profiling bed whilst reading MS Matters.'

'We selected a handcrafted oak frame and matching bedside furniture that perfectly suited our home interior and following a full assessment and professional installation, we were the proud owners of a revolutionary rotating and profiling bed! This marvellous bespoke solution helps me to a sitting position in the morning when my body is unfortunately very stiff and hence I am then able to transfer more easily into my wheelchair ready to go to work. Without its smooth profiling action I would not be able to sit up in bed or move to a standing position aided by the handy grab rails. As our bed encompasses two separate profiling mattresses, I can independently adjust my position at night without disturbing Peter, which is so fantastic. When it comes to fulfilling your career, you can not underestimate the importance of a good night's sleep and I am so pleased I can still share a bed with my husband.'

The full profiling bed has changed Sarah's life. She concludes: 'Being able to remain in our beautiful family home whilst living with MS has been so important to all of us. I can now look forward to growing my business further, continuing to enjoy my lifestyle at home and benefiting from more independence, which means my daughters and husband can continue living their lives without compromise.'

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