Case study - how equipment helped Anita


Anita has arthritis in her hands, shoulders and knees so used equipment to support her grip and range of reach to carry on cooking.

Anita's challenge

The impact of Anita's arthritis was that she had limited reach, grip and mobility. She really enjoys cooking for herself and her husband and wants to continue. The kitchen is quite small and a bit dingy but Anita is usually the only person using it.

Possible solutions

Anita's daughter, Pat, sat with her mum and encouraged her to look at the kitchen with fresh eyes, to see what she is struggling with, look at the layout and look for solutions. They discussed bringing essential items to the front of eye-level cupboards and keeping day to day plates and bowls to hand in order to reduce the need to stretch or bend. Anita dismissed the idea of buying ready made meals but Pat challenged her to try some of the better ones made with good quality ingredients that could taste nearly as nice as home cooking.

They also discussed some small bits of equipment that may be useful, such as a small travel kettle or using the microwave for boiling water. Pat got out her iPad and showed Anita some of the equipment on Living made easy. They agreed that a kettle tipper or hot water dispenser may work well.

The equipment that Anita was particularly interested in was the adapted cutlery and kitchen tools, particularly some easy grip peelers. Pat made a note to buy her some double handled saucepans for Christmas to replace her current set that are too heavy and hard to move. They identified a cheap solution to some of Anita's problems which was to get a wire basket for boiling vegetables which will enable Anita to lift out the vegetables and leave the heavy pan of water to cool before re-using it or emptying it using a plastic jug.

Anita returned to the Living made easy site the following evening to read through the advice on choosing cutlery and started to browse information on other household products.