Case study - how equipment helped Jason

Jenny cares for her teenage son, Jason, who has autistic spectrum disorder. They live in a semi-detached house.

Their concerns:

  1. A side effect of Jason's medication is that he is frequently incontinent at night. This causes him great distress and embarrassment. His mum has been checking him throughout the night and wakes him to change the sheets during the night. He prefers to complete this task himself but rarely wakes up on his own.
  2. Jason has been getting up in the night to cook breakfast which has posed a fire risk
  3. Jason sometimes forgets to tell his mother when he goes out. He recently went out at 6am for milk without telling his mother. She was very anxious when she got up and found he was not in the house

The solution:

  1. An incontinence sensor (also called an 'enuresis sensor') means Jenny no longer has to check Jason's sheets during the night. He is discreetly woken by a vibrating disc placed under his pillow if any moisture is detected and changes the sheets himself.
  2. A bed occupancy sensor raises an alert if Jason gets out of bed at an unusual time and does not return to bed within 15 minutes. This gives him enough time to go to the loo, or get a drink. If he stays out of bed for a longer period the system alerts his mum that he may have become disorientated to the time, got up and be getting ready to go out or cook at an inappropriate time.
  3. A temperature extremes sensor was installed in the kitchen to alert Jenny if there is a build up of heat, which could be caused by a fire. There is no trouble with false alarms from toast etc which is often a problem with smoke alarms. Click here for more advice on fire prevention.
  4. A property exit sensor on the front door initially alerts Jenny via a telecare pager if Jason leaves the property during the night. If she does not acknowledge the pager the system alerts a monitoring centre.

The outcome:

Jenny said: "Telecare has changed our lives. Jason's incontinence is now managed, and I can sleep well at night without worrying about accidents."

To view the telecare equipment listed above click on the relevant pictures below:

The above equipment needs to be connected together, and to a help centre via a control box: