Case study - how equipment helped Mrs Nettles

Mrs Nettles

Mrs Nettles tackled her fear of doorstep crime using a telecare enabled bogus alarm system. She is 67 and lives on her own in a semi detached house in Hertfordshire.

Her challenge:

Mrs Nettles has recently been the victim of a doorstep con man (bogus caller) who stole some of her money and she is now avoiding opening the door in case it happens again. She has also told her daughter that she has a number of doorstep sales people who call regularly and in order to get rid of them she buys products which she does not want or need. Her daughter wants her to move house and live nearer to her but Mrs Nettles has friends locally, is near to the shops and is keen to remain living independently. She has spoken to her friends and is not alone in feeling vulnerable when answering the door, particularly at night even though she has a chain fitted to the door and always asks to see the caller's identity badge.

Possible solutions

Mrs Nettles and her daughter discuss several options having reviewed the advice on Living Made Easy and talking to their Social Services Occupational Therapist. They chose to have a telecare control box / base unit installed with a telecare bogus caller alert button. This discreet button can be fitted in the house by the front or back door or even by the bed. If Mrs Nettles becomes concerned about a caller or intruder she can press the button and this transmits a signal through the control box to the monitoring centre. This allows the monitoring centre to communicate with Mrs Nettles and also to listen to the conversation between her and the visitor. The monitoring centre can speak to the person directly through the speaker, or summon help if required. Just knowing that someone has been alerted can act as a deterrent to bogus callers. Click here for more advice on bogus callers.

The outcome

Mrs Nettles feels a lot safer answering her door and no longer feels obliged to buy from doorstep sellers.

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