Case study - how equipment helped Mr Beaty

Mr Beaty

Mr Beaty is planning how best to get help in case he has a fall and has installed a telecare system to deal with the risks.

His challenge:

Mr Beaty is 79 and lives alone in his own house. He is less mobile than he used to be and thinks he should plan in case he has a fall at home. He recognises that he cannot depend on phoning his family to respond as they live 50 miles away and he realises he may not be able to get to the phone.

Possible solutions

The local Age UK visitor tells him about a telecare alarm scheme which provides a way for him to call for help in an emergency at home. She explains that the alarm system consists of a small personal alarm button he can wear around his neck (as a pendant) or on a wrist strap and a control box / base unit unit which sits near his telephone and receives a signal from the pendant or his wrist button when he is in the house or close by in the garden.

Mr Beaty contacts a local telecare supplier. The company assessor explains that, when the personal alarm button is pressed the control box automatically calls the control centre where an operator is waiting 24 hours a day to alert a nominated responder. The operator will see on his/her computer screen the personal details supplied by Mr Beaty and the names and addresses of the friends or relatives he has named as emergency responders. The operator can contact the responders to arrange for someone to come to assist Mr Beaty. Alternatively, if it is included in the service, a mobile warden may be asked to respond to the call. People who are emergency responders will need to either hold a key or have access to a key safe so they can get in to Mr Beaty's property to respond to the call. As Mr Beaty's family live 50 miles away he prefers having his calls sent through either to a close friend who lives nearby or then to the mobile warden.

Mr Beaty received reassurance that if the power fails, the batteries run low, or the telephone line is faulty then there are mechanisms in place to alert him and/o r the control centre.

The outcome:

Mr Beaty feels a lot safer and reassured that if he requires assistance he only has to press a button.

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