Case study - how equipment helped James


James has Down's Syndrome and wants to live on his own and be independent. He used a range of telecare enabled sensors to manage safety risks.

James' parents concerns

James' parents support his goal of living on his own and after finding a good housing scheme that James was happy to move to, wanted to discuss with him the best way of managing their concerns. These were that:

  • James is prone to periods of forgetfulness
  • James is extremely trusting of other people

Possible solutions

There were a lot of new living arrangements to be sorted out but James' parents wanted first of all to look at the risks from fire and flooding to the property and also to begin to put in place measures to support James' personal safety when he went out to work and socialising. They discussed their concerns with James' Occupational Therapist who suggested the following equipment:

  1. A series of telecare sensors in the property including a temperature extremes sensor in case of a fire in the kitchen and a flood detector in the bathroom if the bath or sink should overflow. Click here for more advice on fire or flood prevention.
  2. A bogus caller button and personal alarm button to protect James from bogus callers.

    The bogus caller button was installed next to the front door and allows James to simple press the button, every time he has an unexpected caller. This automatically puts a call through to his help centre, where staff can listen to the situation and intervene, perhaps calling the police, if necessary. James chooses to wear the personal alarm button on his wrist and can alert his help centre if he requires assistance by simply pressing the button.

  3. A property exit sensor to alert his parents if the front door is opened late at night or left open.

The outcome

Both James and his parents are happy with the telecare solution provided and will be adding further sensors as the situation develops. His parents had a number of concerns regarding his safety and these were mostly resolved by telecare. James is living pretty independently and he is relieved that his Mum and Dad do not need to check up on him as much as they did before and he can get on with his social life.

To view the telecare equipment listed above click on the relevant pictures below:

A telecare system needs to be connected together and to a help centre via a control box: