Case study - how equipment helped Mr and Mrs Owen

Mr and Mrs Owen

Mr and Mrs Owen are both severely visually impaired.

Their concern:

Close friends experienced a burglary involving men claiming to be from the police. Mr Owen is often away with work and because of her visual impairment, Mrs Owen cannot visually confirm the identity of doorstep callers and is fearful of callers she does not know.

The solution:

  1. Mr and Mrs Owen contacted their crime prevention officer who recommended a telecare system with intruder functions.

    They decided they needed a telecare control box, infra red movement detectors and an arm/disarm remote control button.

    If Mr and Mrs Owen go out they can press the arm button which activates the sensors so that the system will alert the monitoring centre if it detects any movement inside the house. At night Mr or Mrs Owen press a zoning button which turns on the sensors downstairs but not upstairs. Thus the alarm is raised if an intruder breaks in downstairs whilst they are sleeping.

  2. The crime prevention officer also recommended a bogus caller button.

    The bogus caller button was installed next to the front door and allows Mrs Owen to simple press the button, every time she has an unexpected caller. This automatically raises an alarm at her monitoring centre, where staff can listen to the situation and intervene, perhaps calling the police, if necessary. As it is difficult for Mrs Owen to see who is at the front door, the voice contact with the monitoring centre is perfect, as not only can they verify the caller's identity on her behalf, but the involvement of the monitoring centre may also be enough to deter any bogus callers. All voices are recorded for evidence purposes.

  3. Mrs Owen also wears a personal alarm button around her neck and thus can alert her help centre if she requires assistance by simply pressing the button.

The outcome:

Mrs Owen said: "I didn't want to take any risks. I wanted to be sure that the same frightening burglary would not happen to us. So now I feel so secure and safe. I can easily feel the buttons and know which one activates the alarm. I feel so confident and peaceful at night. Of course I have no idea who is at the front door so the voice contact with the monitoring centre is ideal."

Police quote: "I would recommend this package to anyone who feels at risk of intruders. It is very well suited for the visually impaired due to its clear, easy to use design and voice contact with the monitoring centre."

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Control boxes

The 'control box' or 'base unit' is the part of the telecare system which is connected to your phone line, and receives signals from your personal buttons and sensors.