Case study - how equipment helped Mrs Martin

Mrs Martin

Mrs Martin is 64, has a history of arthritis and has recently had a hip replacement and two knee replacements.

The concerns:

• Mrs Martin finds walking difficult and uses a walking frame. She is concerned that if her hip replacement dislocates she may not be able to call for help.
• Her bathroom recently flooded due to a stone lodged in the water outflow pipe. Mrs Martin is preoccupied that this could happen again and damage her new carpets which she had to replace due to the water damage.

The solution:

1) A telecare solution was provided after an assessment from social services including a control box / base unit and personal alarm button which Mrs Martin has already used on four occasions to call for a doctor and ambulance, when she dislocated her hip.
2) She also has a telecare flood detector in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. The bathroom started to flood when the waste pipe froze in cold weather. The flood detector immediately alerted Mrs Martin to the situation and raised an alarm with the monitoring centre.

The outcome:

If a situation develops, Mrs Martin feels reassured that help is always available. Mrs Martin's daughter said "It's been great, it's given her all the support she needs. Without the flood detector, the flood would have grown and ruined all her new carpets and caused mum great distress"

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Control boxes

The 'control box' or 'base unit' is the part of the telecare system which is connected to your phone line, and receives signals from your personal buttons and sensors.