Case study - how equipment helped Val


Lucy cares for her mum, Val, who has early onset dementia with rapid deterioration of memory.

Their concerns:

Val was taking lots of medication and due to her memory problems, was either overdosing or not taking her medication at the right time. There was a serious incident where overdosing on Warfarin could have led to serious blood loss if she cut herself. Lucy was so worried that she took away all Val's medication and hand delivered it herself at the correct time. Val also needed weekly hospital visits due to fluctuations in her condition.

The solution:

1) Val was given a telecare system consisting of a control box / base unit and...
2) ...a telecare medication dispensor which dispenses her tablets and provides audible and visual alerts each time Val needs to take her medication. If Val doesn't take her medication, an alert is raised with Lucy or the monitoring centre. Click here for more advice on using telecare to assist in remembering to take medication.

The outcome:

Since the telecare solution was installed, Val's condition has stabilised and she only needs monthly hospital visits. Lucy has now been able to go on holiday for the first time in many years, safe in the knowledge her mum's medication compliance is being monitored whilst she is away.

"It's such a relief, knowing that mum is taking the right medication at the right time," she said.

To view the telecare equipment listed above click on the relevant pictures below:

Control boxes

The 'control box' or 'base unit' is the part of the telecare system which is connected to your phone line, and receives signals from your personal buttons and sensors.