Case study - how equipment helped Mrs Bhar

Mrs Bhar

Mr and Mrs Bhar are a couple in their eighties. Mrs Bhar is prone to walking about at night due to Alzheimer's Disease. Mr Bhar cares for his wife as best he can, but he is increasingly frail and has both visual and hearing impairments. Therefore he doesn't always notice her walking about immediately, especially at night. Although their daughter in law lives nearby and provides support to the couple, she cannot be there 24 hours a day.

Their concerns:

1) Mrs Bhar has a tendency to walk about, particularly at night, which has involved the police returning her home.
2) Mrs Bhar has accidently set the microwave on for long periods at a high temperature, or left a pan unattended on the stove.
3) Two men falsely claiming to be from a satellite television company tried to gain entry to the property and steal some personal items.
4) The situation was becoming unmanageable for all parties and it seemed likely the couple would need to leave the family home for residential care.

The solution:

1) A bed occupancy sensor was installed so that if Mrs Bhar gets up in the night, lights are turned on to minimise the risk of falls and a timer is set. If Mrs Bhar has not returned to bed within 15 minutes an alert is raised to the telecare control box which in turns raises a call to their daughter in law.

2) A property exit sensor was also installed so that if the front door is opened after 10pm or before 9am, an alert is raised. It works in conjunction with a PIR (passive infra red) sensor which detects if someone has walked out of the property but not returned.

3) A sounder beacon also sounds when the front door is opened so that the couple are not surprised by intruders, this also alerts Mr Bhar that his wife may be going out the door.

4) A temperature extremes sensor in the kitchen can raise an alarm if cooking is left unattended and starts to burn.

The outcome:

Mr Bhar says he feels safe and protected: "It has given us back a part of our lives we wouldn't otherwise have had."

Their daughter in law no longer needs to ring the home several times a day to check on the situation, which both reduces the burden on her and preserves Mr and Mrs Bhar's privacy and independence.

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Control boxes

The 'control box' or 'base unit' is the part of the telecare system which is connected to your phone line, and receives signals from your personal buttons and sensors.