Case study - how equipment helped Alice


Sara cares for her 76 year old mother, Alice, who has severe dementia.

Her concerns:

1) Alice forgets to turn on lights because of her dementia, Alice has fallen several times whilst going to the bathroom in the night. This was affecting Sara's sleep as she was worried about her mother falling over.
2) When Sara was out of the house Alice repeatedly left the gas cooker on unlit, whilst trying to make a cup of tea. Sara was concerned that a serious gas leak may start as a result.

The solution:

1) A telecare control box / base unit has been provided following an assessment from social services. A gas detector has been fitted above the cooker to ensure that if Alice were to leave the gas on, an alert would immediately be sent to the monitoring centre. A gas shut off valve has also been installed and automatically cuts the gas supply to the cooker if gas is detected. Click here for more advice on preventing gas leaks.
2) An automatic light system was installed so that if Alice were to wake up in the night and get out of bed, the lights would come on automatically. This means that Sara can relax in her own home, knowing she doesn't need to get up every time Alice does.

The outcome:

Sara is thrilled with the telecare solution, "Since the equipment has been installed I have started to go out again, and I know Mum will be ok. The equipment really gives me peace of mind."

To view the telecare equipment listed above click on the relevant pictures below:

Control boxes

The 'control box' or 'base unit' is the part of the telecare system which is connected to your phone line, and receives signals from your personal buttons and sensors.