Case study - how equipment helped Pardeep

Pardeep is an elderly lady who began to suffer mild dementia. As well as a daughter, she has two sons. She owns her house, which is worth a significant amount. NeAT was alerted to her case with a complaint that she was wandering and posed a danger both to herself and the community. Upon investigation it transpired that her two sons were deliberately confusing her in the hope of convincing the Council to put her into residential care, so enabling them to get their hands on her house - this included taking her to previous houses she had lived in, telling her she was in the wrong house, etc. This behaviour had seriously destabilised her and was encouraging her wandering

In conjunction with a series of measures to keep her sons from talking to her further, NeAT installed door sensors that were terminated with her neighbour so that whenever she opened the door, her neighbour could check she was with someone she should be with and if not to encourage her to return inside. This combined action stopped her wandering and enabled her to stay out of residential care for a further eight months, at a benefit to the Council of some 500/week.

To view similar property exit sensors to the door sensors mentioned in the casestudy click on the picture below:

The above door sensors can be connected to a help centre via a control box: