Case study - how equipment helped Sally


The concern:

Sally is 30 years old and lives with her parents who provide all of her care. She has recently been falling out of bed during the night due to uncontrolled movements when changing position. One of these falls resulted in Sally injuring her arm. Consequently, Sally's parents are very concerned about her safety and are waking up multiple times throughout the night to get up and check on her.

The solution:

Sally's parents contacted their local social services and arranged an assessment with an occupational therapist. Following a thorough assessment by the occupational therapist, Sally and her parents were provided with the following equipment:

1. An extra-low bed which is lowered after Sally gets into bed at night.
2. A bedside padded floor mat.
3. A bed occupancy sensor connected to a portable pager.

The outcome:

With the equipment now in place, Sally and her parents are now feeling less apprehensive at night times. If Sally does have a fall out of bed, she falls a small distance onto the padded floor mat, reducing the risk of injury. The bed occupancy sensor is underneath the mat, and in the event of a fall, sends an alert to the pager. Sally's parents keep the pager on one of their bedside tables. Sally's parents are now sleeping through the night, waking only if they are alerted to a fall.

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