Case study - how equipment helped Roger

The concern:

Roger is 75 years old and lives alone in a ground floor flat. He receives meals on wheels, but is otherwise independent with activities of daily living. Roger has however been finding it increasingly difficult to get on and off of his bed, particularly lifting his legs into bed. Roger has occasionally been sleeping on his settee due to this difficulty. This has meant that he has been sleeping poorly and then struggling to complete and concentrate on tasks during the day. Roger has recently given up gardening, his favourite past-time, due to his exhaustion. He has recently been considering whether he needs to arrange carer assistance in the evening for assistance with bed transfers.

The solution:

Roger arranged a private occupational therapy assessment in his home. After a thorough assessment, the therapist recommended that Roger purchase the following equipment.

1. To ensure that the bed is at an appropriate height for sitting onto and standing up from, bed raisers.

2. A powered leg lifter to raise Roger's legs to the height of the mattress.

3. To provide Roger with support behind his back whilst bringing his legs onto the mattress from the leg lifter, a mattress inclinator.

The outcome:

Roger privately purchased the three equipment items recommended by the occupational therapist. Roger uses the items on a daily basis and can now independently complete bed transfers. He is no longer sleeping on the settee, and as a result he feels rested upon waking. Roger can once again spend time enjoying the gardening and he recently won 2nd price in a local show for his camellias.

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