Case study - how equipment helped Belinda

The concern:

Belinda is 50 years old and lives alone in a one bedroom, council owned flat. Due to a deterioration of a chronic condition she is having to spend an increased amount of time in bed. This has raised several concerns for Belinda. When eating meals, prepared for her by her carers, Belinda has been spilling food on herself and the bedclothes. She is also finding it difficult to read as she no longer has the strength to hold a book or magazine for any prolonged periods of time. Lastly, Belinda is now unable to answer the door to visitors. The carers are able to do this when they are present, however Belinda is mostly home alone and during these times the door is not answered. Belinda would also rather that the carers did not answer the door, she would like to do this independently.

The solution:

Belinda contacted her local social services and arranged an assessment with an occupational therapist. Following a thorough assessment by the occupational therapist, Belinda was provided with the following:

1. A cantilever table to provide a surface on which Belinda can eat, write and complete other activities in bed;
2. A pillow lift which enables Belinda to sit up in bed without fatiguing and;
3 A video door entry intercom which allows Belinda to speak to, see and hear callers at her door. If Belinda wishes to let a caller in, the intercom can also release the door latch.
The OT also provided Belinda with supplier details for a reading stand to rest on the cantilever table when Belinda wishes to read.

The outcome:

Belinda is extremely pleased with the equipment as she feels that the items have provided her with increased independence and dignity. Belinda now eats her meals from the cantilever table, sitting up with support from the pillow lift. Any spills are now mostly contained to the table surface, which can be quickly and easily wiped down. The door entry intercom was installed with the handset next to the bed so that Belinda can independently answer the door. Belinda purchased a reading stand with money in her savings account, and she is once again enjoying reading, having books delivered by her local community library.

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