Case study - how equipment helped Olivia

The concern:

Olivia is 12 years old and is assisted by her parents for all activities of daily living. Olivia has recently expressed a desire to be more independent with toileting as dislikes having people present during this private activity. Olivia's mum and dad are very supportive and encouraging of Olivia's desire for increased independence, and would also like to decrease the amount of assistance they have to provide as they are starting to experience some back pain. This is further exacerbated by the high number of transfers required for bathing and toileting: Olivia is first transferred onto her wheelchair, then, when in the bathroom she is transferred onto the toilet. From the toilet Olivia is transferred back onto her wheelchair, and from there onto a shower chair. There is a wet floor shower already in place in the bathroom.

The solution:

Olivia's parents contacted social services for an occupational therapy assessment. Following a thorough assessment at home by a occupational therapist, Olivia was provided with a new mobile shower chair - this time a multi-functional shower and commode chair. These chairs can be used over the toilet, thereby reducing the number of transfers required for personal care. A recommendation was also made for a toilet with wash & dry facilities to be provided through a new Disabled Facilities Grant.

The outcome:

Following a wait of several months, the toilet with wash and dry facilities was supplied and installed. Once wheeled over the toilet in her new multi-functional shower chair, Olivia can be left to complete toileting in private. Olivia is also able to operate the controls for washing and drying independently. Olivia then stays on the chair and is wheeled to the shower. The number of transfers that had to be performed for personal care have greatly reduced and Olivia's parents report that they have noticed the difference in their backs.

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