Case study - how equipment helped Hannah

The concern:

Hannah has begun toilet training, and has until recently been using a potty. Hannah was ready to start using the toilet, but had a negative experience the first time she tried - her narrow hips meant that the toilet bowl was too large and she slipped down into the seat. She has since been too frightened to try again.

The solution:

Hannah's parents realised they needed a trainer toilet seat for Hannah, to decrease the size of the toilet seat's aperture. As there is only one toilet in their house, they also wanted one that is easily removable. After searching on Living made easy for children, they were able to find a seat that met their needs.

The outcome:

Hannah's parents began to gradually introduce the new equipment into Hannah's toileting routine. Hannah was initially hesitant to try the toilet again, but eventually realised that she felt safe and comfortable using the trainer seat. In conjunction with a toilet step that Hannah's parents bought from a high street store, Hannah is now proudly going to the toilet independently.

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