Case study - how equipment helped Christopher

The concern:

Christopher has recently had a significant growth spurt and his parents are no longer able to safely manage bathing him in the bath. Christopher's parents felt very concerned for his safety and were additionally worried about the risk of moving and handling injuries when lifting him in and out of the bath.

The solution:

Christopher's parents made a referral to their local social services. Christopher was then assessed at home by a specialist occupational therapist (OT). The OT recommended a major bathroom adaptation to incorporate a level access shower and the repositioning of the toilet to a more accessible position within the room. There would not be space to include a bath in the new design, but Christopher's parents were willing to accept this. Christopher was also provided with a multi-function shower/commode chair when the adaptations were completed.

The outcome:

After the recommendation for the major bathroom adaptation was made, a successful application for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) was made. It took several months however from the initial recommendation to the completion of work. As it was determined that it was no longer safe for Christopher to be bathed in the standard bath, in the interim, the OT provided the family with a portable bath which was used until the works were completed. Whilst the works were in progress, Christopher could not access the toilet, so a commode was provided for short term use.

Now, the works are completed and the multi-function shower/commode chair is in situ. Christopher is hoisted onto the chair, and can then be wheeled both over the toilet, and into the new level access shower

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