Lito Childrens Bath Chair

Manufactured by Akces Med
Priced from £409  (Exc. VAT)

DLF's summary

Bath chair.

Product models

There are 3 models of this product available. Suppliers may not supply them all:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


  • solid aluminium frame with foam covers
  • waterproof cover
  • seat belts
  • angle of footrest, seat, backrest and headrest can be adjusted
  • folds for storage


  • colour depends on size

Product dimensions

Seat depthSmall: 24cm
Medium: 27cm
Large: 38cm
WeightSmall: 3.6kg
Medium: 3.8kg
Large: 4.5kg
WidthSmall: 40cm
Medium: 45cm
Large: 50cm
DepthSmall: 75cm
Medium: 115cm
Large: 140cm
CapacitySmall: 30kg
Medium: 30kg
Large: 45kg
Back heightSmall: 37cm
Medium: 40cm
Large: 51cm
HeightSmall: 52cm
Medium: 60cm
Large: 70cm

Where can I buy this product?

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Manufacturer's contact

Akces Med
35-615 Rzeszow
ul. Leszka Czarnego 3